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Conquering the WORLD.

After lunch at lawry’s, i headed over to Pitstop Cafe to meet some friends for some boardgames fun.

Outfit of the day. Dress from one of the online shops i frequent. Love them!

Anyway back to pitstop. Havent been to my fave place in ages! I miss them soooo much! We played risk again and as previous experiences, I kicked ass again. 😛

The black soldiers are mine.

Check out the score. hurhur.

World domination is mine.

We then played another game called quelf.

And one of the silly things ben had to do was to tie his belt on his head. LOL.

He looks damn funny la. 😛

I laughed the loudest at ben. and soon.


Check out the cuckoo vid.

a pic with weekee and eve. i want a pitstop tee too! can? 😛

Group pic! 🙂

To more pitstop outings! anyone? heh.

You sure bangs are not good? 🙁 lol!

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