Yours truly...

you know you’re stressed about work when you…

– have dreams and nightmares about work everyday
– when 80% of your calls (to your personal mobile phone) is work-related
– consider cancelling your leave to go back to work
– have time to stone, you end up worrying about work
– sleeptalk about work
– go on leave and end up checking your work mail
– dont even plan your birthday party/celebration/gathering when you only have time for work
– eat 3 times the normal amount you do cause your stressed
– feel sick and you dont dare to go on mc cause you will have lots of work piled up
– walk away from your desk for an hour, and there is already 50 emails waiting for you
– frown at your desk 24/7
– feel like throwing your phone away
– wanna quit now now NOW!
– get migraines every day

I CANT WAIT FOR THE END OF THIS EVENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMMIT!!!!!!!!

and yes, the phone rings again… tmd. do i look like superwoman to you?!?!??!?!?!!

2 thoughts on “you know you’re stressed about work when you…”

  1. Don’t fret!

    Just look in da mirror and give yourself a silly smile.

    It works for me~

    Jia You!!!!

    nadnut: thanks! 😉


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