woah. suddenly i tot my mum was psychic….

mum: july 29th nad. (july 29 is my anniversary wiv wats-his-name)

suddenly i was tinking ‘wth?’

then my mum continued…

mum: my d&d on july 29th…


haha. im wondering how to tell my parents that me and wats-his-name has broken up and i wun be going aussie (i think) and i forfeited 250.

prolly dad will be sad coz he tinks wats-his-name is a good chap (coz he was polite to dad).

and mum would be glad. wahhahaa. she doesnt understand why i was dating a nerd.


but how to tell them? perhaps i wont. i dont talk abt relationships or such wiv me parents.


wahahhaa. someone asked me out on a date tomolo! lol.

unfortunately im not ready to start dating now. still sorting out my feelings.

thanks for asking though.

perhaps next time…

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