Have you done your part for charity? if not, why not help publicise the following?

From Jaywalk’s blog..

With the current fiasco over the NKF saga, I too, like many others of the general public, am skeptical as far as where and how my contributions are used. That’s why I thought RunForFunds is the right place for me to offer my financial support. What I like about RunForFunds is that every single penny is visible as far as how they were used. Do note that RunForFunds is not an official charity. It is just a group of private citizens doing something on their own for the needy. There is no golden peanut, no golden tap, no first class air tickets nor fleet of Mercedes Benz. If you donate $1.39, all $1.39 will go out to the needy.

click here to see the entry or click here to see the website for RunForFunds.

Do spread the news around! after all its for a good cause. =) and *cough* they dont invest in gold taps. *cough*

Footnote: Do take note that they are not soliciting for donations from the general public. all contributions if any, are done on a private basis. the spreading of word of mouth is just t create awareness of this project. getting donations is secondary as far as the blog publicity is concerned.

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