that thing about parties

had a SINFUL buffet dinner with mrkennychan yesterday. so sinful that i dont think i can fit in my costume for the party anymore.

while gobbling food yesterday, we were discussing about going to zouk’s halloween party… we were brainstorming for cheap and good costumes (i didnt wanna reuse my costume for zouk. i do WANNA dance in zouk. wahhaahah) and i realised that somebody has a fetish of seeing girls tying their hair into 2 ponytails and plaits.

*cough* jap schoolgirls fetish *cough*

and he still has the cheek to suggest that i dress up as britney spears in the video ‘hit me baby one more time’.


but the schoolgirl costume does sound interesting. i suggested that we crossdress. ill wear the boy’s uniform and vice versa. unfortunately…. somebody aint sporting. bleah.

alright. ill go search for my uniform. unfortunately, i have gained a considerable amount of weight since 5 years ago, doubt i will be able to fit in it….

i’m a happy lil camper!

i took leave the whole of next week (excluding the public holidays of course!). time to be a pig!

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