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Could you please vote for me?

I know I know… I’m canvassing for votes once again!

Sorry sorry!

Basically, 5 of us bloggers are pitting against each other to win a 4d3n trip to Japan!

Honeymeow and me. She’s also another contestant for this contest. We were camwhoring away! More pics will be up soon!

And I need your help!

Here’s how  you can help me!

1) Vote

2) Put up my Blogger badge on your blog so that other people will know about the contest. (and vote for me!)

3) Plug me on your blog

4) Comment on my SoyJoy entries. It’ll help for the upcoming challenges ahead!

We’ll be going through 4 different challenges in the upcoming months ahead and I’ll need your support.

Here’s why you should vote for me!

1) If you like to see a great travel post of Japan’s sights and sounds, from attractions to fashion to food, I’m the blogger you should choose. While I may not be a food connoisseur, I believe I represent the majority. Not everyone of us can tell the difference between exquisite food nor love eating only at expensive places. So you’ll see entries of food from roadside to expensive places from me. Aside from that, I love shopping. After all, Japan is the land of shopping! See pics and reviews of the fantastic (and hopefully cheap) shopping places!

2) I may not be the skinniest or healthiest person alive but I do enjoy a balance of working out and enjoying food. I live to eat.

3) I PROMISE if I win from having the highest number of votes, I’ll conduct a lucky draw for my readers. You’ll see prizes of cosmetics, skin care, hair products, cds, electronics to be won! Every reader who comments on my SOYJOY entries will have a chance to win and if you install the blogger badge, you’ll get another chance and if you plug me also, you’ll have your name inserted 3 times! (*cough* I’m the first SOYJOY blogger to come out with this idea.)

4) Because you support and you’re a friend/fan! <3

Please vote for me! (VOTE AT

Btw, there will be 2 winners. 1 will win from number of votes and the other will be from how well we performed the challenges. 🙂

Thanks! 🙂

Much love,

12 thoughts on “Could you please vote for me?”

  1. argh! i really want you to win so i can read those blog entries. :3 buy one of those cute food accesories thingammys! ><


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