that thing about the bite marks…

one day i woke up and my neck itched like mad… i was scratching it and took a peep in the mirror..

then i realised… there was 2 tiny marks! wth!

wtf is that? maybe its a mark caused by me scratching but it looks like a bite mark! why do these things always happen to me? lumps and now bite marks. hahaa skali its a love bite from my cats. hahahaa


  1. I dunno abt the bite, but ur earrings are gorgeous!! bkk yea? im going again next year april…can’t wait can’t wait CAN’T WAIT!!!



  2. […] i seem to be drinking blood non-stop. eck. vampire nad! only when i was home, i realised they didnt give me the syringe to rinse out food. doh. and that i only had one side stitched up while for the other there’s a big hole. o.O. what if food gets stucked in it and i cant get it out? scary shit. meals for today: milo, strawberry milk and a large whipped potato from kfc. i am starving! […]