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that thing about nerds…

tmd. i tried persuading mrkennychan to go to the party with me. tried asking, persuading, enticing, tricking and teh-ing him to go.

and guess what he said? ‘why would i go to a party full of nerds? you guys will probably talk about html codes, source codes and dunno what other nonsense!’

TMD! he thinks people who blog = nerds. DO I RESEMBLE A NERD IN ANYWAY TO YOU?

nerdy nadnut

erm. perhaps i do. but but… im an attractive nerd! (erm. some nerds are ugly. im average, thus ill be an attractive nerd. )

but look what i found! LOOK WHOSE NERDIER NOW!

nerdy mrkennychan


and he said the bsc gang who blogs are all nerds too! you are soooooooooooooo dead!

pls: he meant it jokingly and without any offense. dont kill him k? (only i can do it. heh) and i think that retarded pic of him is gonna kill him anyway. wahahhaahahaa.

revenge is sweet!

9 thoughts on “that thing about nerds…”

  1. brennan> heh. happening nerds we are!

    callandor> but you ARE a nerd. lol.

    akk> hahahaa. ill tell mrkennychan that. *winks*


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