5 thoughts on “that thing about having a bad day…”

  1. 0.0 that is one fat kitty.

    you doing ok there? hang in there, girl. the weekend is almost here. 🙂

    nadnut: hahaha. cant wait for the weekend!


  2. Ahhh.. Is that your cat? So damn cute! I like the way its paws are on the remote control. Hahaha..

    nadnut: lol. that isnt my cat! hahahaa


  3. I’ve been getting a lot of these “I wanna stay home and drink” feelings.

    *pats pmsing tummy*

    That cat is sooooo typically MALE!

    Watching TV like a couch potato, a bottle of beer by his side, paw possessively on remote control, other paw scratching it’s balls.

    muahahahha, Sorry la i post the cake pictures!! Next time got chance i buy you a real one okie!!!kakakak.

    nadnut: hahahaa. almost human aye? u say one! i want a cake from you next time! 😉


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