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that thing about clubbing…

after 3 months of celibacy non-clubbing and minimal drinking, i am FINALLY going to club tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YES! i feel like a housewife/nerd/hermit without a life for the past few months. have not been to any nightclubs (except for one wala outing for my birthday celebration), have not touched much tequilla or vodka redbull.

i believe i have forgotten the taste of liquor. ROARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! or the feeling of being high! 😉

hah! someone said i was domesticated by tiger. hah! tan ku ku! *prays for good music, good drinks and good guys*

muahahahaahahaaha! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

3 thoughts on “that thing about clubbing…”

  1. sure or not? 3 months no clubing? hahaha…but that’s ok, i’ve not done it since the day you brought me to momo…

    nadnut: lai lai! one day, ladies night!


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