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The LG KS20 Launch.

As mentioned in the earlier entry, I was invited by the lovely Princessa to the LG KS20 Launch at the Corduroy Cafe.

It was organised by the well known PR Agency Fleishman-Hillard. Kudos to them for the great job!

Spotted a lot of bloggers! From those I have already met like dear Estee, Nic, Claudia, Jayden, Qiaoyun and to those I have had never the chance to meet previously like Esther, Iz, Rinaz and the funny DK! (Did i miss anyone?)

Iz, me, Esther and Sabrina.

Esther and me.

DK and me.

One of my fave blogger friends, Jayden!

A mini buffet spread was provided for us and it was quite delish! Unfortunately I lost the fight to the calamari. *inside joke*

Then came the concise introduction of the LG KS20. Gosh, it sounds damn enticing. I am so tempted to get one!

Then came the lucky draw where lucky Estee won the phone! Congrats girl!

Afterwhich the lovely models came around demo-ing the phone.

A very smart move I must say. Everyone had a go at the phone. The pictures taken were very clear! I am definitely gonna consider buying the LG KS20! My phone has been going bonkers, maybe it’s time to go shop for a phone! But with Australia in the picture… brrr. I’ll just have to wait!

Guess who? We spotted another blogger among the models!


Guess who? One last group picture before we end!

Rinaz, me, Jayden, Qiaoyun and Esther.

It was a great session and I really enjoyed myself!

Pwned by Nic!

Thanks Sabrina, Fleishman-Hillard and LG once again for the invite!

Pictures stolen grabbed by Nic, IZ, Jayden, Sheylara and Thy’dowager!

5 thoughts on “The LG KS20 Launch.”

  1. Hey Nadnut!

    Thanks for rocking up to the KS20 launch, was really great to have you there. Will continue to dream up new events… Look forward to seeing you again soon!



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