melancholic me

despite the rather fun and face paced weekend, i felt rather melancholy today. there is this feeling of sadness which seems to linger in me today. suddenly i feel so lonely and sad. usually i’m chirpy at work. but i find it so hard to crack a smile today.

has the emotional side of me broken out once again? or is there something more to what i have been feeling today?

i have not felt this feeling for a very long time. and it scares me that its back.

pride before a fall. and its all pride which is pulling me back. it seems better this way. and yet once again, i wonder and i miss. and yet, this loneliness feeling overwhelms me.

in actual fact, i realise what i have been feeling today….

im feeling…


7 thoughts on “melancholic me”

  1. hey hey. cheer up, girl. your tiger will be back soon, yarh? try going out with some friends for coffee and fun. 🙂

    nadnut: its not about tiger… and your fast! i just published a few mins ago!


  2. life has up and downs! …. Let me sing u a song..

    ALWAys Look on the bright side of life!! Pee PEe Ppeee

    ALways Look On the bright side of life!! Pee Pee Pee

    opPs.. forget how to sing liao.=p

    nadnut: lol! thanks! 😉


  3. the emptiness feeling comes when you feel that you’re missing something in your life. only you know what’s that missing piece… *hugs*

    nadnut: sigh. sometimes even when the missing piece is back, one can never feel complete still. *hugs*


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