that thing about being “suay”…

tmd. i am so “suay”.

broke 2 of my nails. (my nails are those super long kind) its not those simple chip kinda thing. its those cut right deep into the flesh, half the nail kena chipped off kinda situation.

i was dripping blood all over my paperwork yesterday. -_-” damn bloody painful! everytime i type, my fingers hurt even more.

oei chao barney! i think i’m even more suay than your chest expander thingy lor! btw, welcome to the eve of the eve of good friday! hahahaa. 2 more days!

and i just realised all my “men” (be it pets, close guy friends) are away, in another country. -_-” thebeanmaster is enjoying himself in perth with pizzas, steak and white chicks, while mrkennychan is in taiwan “training” (and he still hasnt passed me my belated xmas present!) and tiger is at somewhere else. all my makan kakis are gone. tmd.

come back soon guys!

8 thoughts on “that thing about being “suay”…”

  1. though ur fingers seems to be painful, feel ouch to type long messages continuously. Salute!

    nadnut: lol. i try not to type on the affected nails 😛


  2. sounds painful sia. maybe wrap your finger with lots and lots of band-aid? :p

    nadnut: aye. everyday new plaster. lol. hansaplast loves me now. 😛


  3. Sounds pretty painful. Keep good care of them eh?
    Oh yeah so you found me……..bah…
    Shhhh…..Keep it to yourself. 😛

    nadnut: aye. will do! 🙂


  4. wah piang. dripping bloood! must be damn pain. and this is confirm chop sway-er than barney’s snapping chest expander. Hahaha..

    nadnut: yeah lor. tmd barney pass me his bad luck!


  5. my toe nail broke into half, deep into the flesh when someone stepped on it.
    it didn’t fall off completely coz of the flesh it was still attached to.
    being vain, my manicurist found a solution by putting silkwrap to stick my nail back on till it grows out den cut. hurhur. u can see if that wrks for u 🙂

    nadnut: OUCH! i trimmed my nails but there is this sharp part which gets hooked in everything! which aggravates the wound. 🙁


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