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Am proud of the boyfriend!

Ching Chong Boy called me to share with me something that happened on the roads earlier.

While he was on the highway, a smaller bike rode up to him and revved his engine loudly while giving looks to my bf. He basically was challenging him to a race. (Apparently it’s a common thing. -_-“)

The biker on smaller bike made a lot of noise, revving his engine and was making a nuisance of himself on the roads by making sure everyone heard him loud.

My boyfriend ignored him and went on his way leisurely despite the biker constantly taunting him.

I asked Ching Chong Boy why did he ignore the bike and why did he not engage in a “war” with him.

He replied that the biker may want to endanger his life and show off to everyone of his skills but little did he know, everyone found him a nuisance. He saw no need to rise to his challenge.

I am so proud of him! Am glad that he did not engage in such a senseless race with an immature idiot.

Moral of the story: Just because someone tries to engage you in a war, there is no need to do so. Just be the bigger person and let it go.

1 thought on “Am proud of the boyfriend!”

  1. Yes, he is smart that you never got challenged.

    Few days back I stumbled upon an idiot whom pushed me away just because I blocked his way.

    My girlfriend asked me if he is my friend and I said no… just another stupid uneducated idiot.


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