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How have you been spending your GST Credits?

The GST Credits are here and I’ve been guilty of spending it almost immediately. I’ve been doing lots of online shopping, pampering myself with facials, massages and manicures. How have you been spending your GST Credits?

Here are some suggestions to where you can spend your moolah!


I’ve been going for massages weekly at Sabai Jai. Lovely place with very friendly Thai masseuses.

My favourite would have to be their foot massages. After walking around in heels in town for the whole day, all I want is a good foot massage. Since Ching Chong Boy isn’t going to give me a foot massage, pffft, I’ll have to seek comfort at Sabai Jai. lol.

Guess what? Sabai Jai is now offering slimming massages! Check out this flyer for more details.

Sabai Jai
Far East Plaza
For appointments, please call 8383 5395


If you’re looking for cute dresses, you should check out!

2 girls with a penchant for shopping and fashion started 3 Questions. As they love fashion, they’re always keeping a lookout for the most wearable clothes, be it for the office, for partying or a day out in town. You can be sure to find something you like at most affordable price.

Because they love dresses, you’ll see that they tend to feature dresses more than anything else. This is because they understand that sometimes, girls just don’t feel like mixing and matching tops-and-bottoms, but still wanna look pretteh 🙂

Most importantly, the girls are super friendly and you won’t get anything less than a pleasurable shopping experience with them. Feel free to ask more questions about a piece before buying – because online shopping’s not like shopping in town where you get to touch and feel the item before you decide to buy it.

They have sent me 2 dresses as seen above and I’ve used them already! Really comfy dresses.

Check them out at:

Photography: Colin Tan
Makeup and hair: Yours truly (using MJ makeup and hair extensions by Milly’s of course!)
Editing: Colin Tan


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