was happily chatting with a good friend of mine tonight..

then got pissed off with him.

if you were not careless in the first place (which you know you were), the incident would not have happened.

what is the point of scolding/cursing the person who took it?

you were partly at fault.

fine, so you dont get into an argument (or sharing your point-of-view) about my shopping habits so you dont see a point of me getting aggitated over your affections over your personal belongings.

fine. dont.

don’t learn your lesson. go ahead and drop your wallets, phones and what nonsense again.

and blame/curse people who pick up these freebies. sure. go ahead.

you were partly at fault. like it or not. so, you left your phone there and some bugger picked it up.

it is NOT the same as a girl dressed skimply and getting raped as her fault.

if you dont see the logic, go ahead.

im sick of talking with you on this. im wrong. yeap. u were right. it was totally not your fault you left your fone there for someone to take.

fine. take it whatever way you want to.

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