Yours truly...

that thing about being anonymous…

this is getting way too creepy.

i know i’m not anonymous. i plastered my name (but not my full name) and pictures for all to see. i never thought of myself of being anonymous.

though i do withheld certain details of myself such as my true name, my true working place and my true jobscope.

cause i fear the thought of my bosses or colleagues reading my blog.

to my own personal opinion, my blog has been very low-keyed. only friends, juniors or barflies read my blog. my blog has been never been read by colleagues (unless i tell them) or bosses for 2 years and i think this will continue for many years to come.

infact, i dont mention where i work, since the day i started my attachment till my 4th permanent job (after graduation).

but now…

i just have an awful feeling.

that very soon, my bosses will be reading my blog.


my boss has just asked me to do some research on blogging and to recommend some blogsites. (this is not for personal use)

argh! this is getting creeeeeeeepy! *shivers*

perhaps being anonymous was a smarter way to go….

17 thoughts on “that thing about being anonymous…”

  1. perhaps it’s time to find fotos of that 60k nut and fotoshop it with ur fotos.
    confirm make u more valuable & anonymous… heh!


  2. haha… the acme of anonymity is presence…

    ask u to do research ma… so look into others’ blog and report to your boss lor. Juz make sure that the blogs that you submit to ur boss dun have link to urs…


  3. Mine used to be very anonymous also. Look now I’m plastering my face ALL OVER. My colleagues read my blog and almost half the earth. It’s really nothing one la.


  4. now’s a good time to go edit your earlier entries and insert some raving compliments about your boss’s masculinity and how you have fantasies of doing him on the copier machine


  5. barffie, if u have 3 over billion hits a day, you can become a multi-millionaire !!!

    till then, you’ll probably own a listed companies juz to take care of the income generated from your blog.

    You’ll be richer than yahoo and google…


  6. barffie> i’m just not comfortable with my bosses reading about my life. it may be nothing to u. but it aint with me.

    sunshin3> lol!

    cow> i also think so! 😛

    greenogre> yeap. never say never!

    frenie> aye aye.

    tiger> u wish!

    no2slack> lol! hell yeah!

    km> hahaha. i dont think half the earth. lol.

    michael chua> i dont blog abt work but to think abt them reading about everything i blog abt, is a tad freaky.


  7. yikes. That sucks. My ex-boss actually knows my blog. And so i couldn’t bitch about colleagues and stuff. i get what you mean, it’s weird having your boss know what you’re doing after work, who you hang out with.


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