Yours truly...

that thing about still being sick…

and yes.. i managed to get MC for tuesday..

i have ‘kena-ed’ the deadly flu bug. tmd.

the medicine super powerful. all will cause drowsiness. ate them and concussed for at least 5 hours straight.

wahahhaa. next time if i wanna ravish some yummilicious men, ill juz crush my meds into his drink and drug them! muahahahaa.


i feel so bad cause i been flying people’s kite for 3 days straight. i is evurl. i is the fly kite queen.

i’m still quite sick. hopefully will recover soon. (else have to fly more people’s kite!!) and must recover for saturday! *cough*

and must recover fast to meet jaywalk soon! and barney soon! (once we have fixed a date!)

stupid doctor gave me one day MC only. i’ll be back to work tomorrow to spread my evil viruses and germs to everyone. muahahahahaaa!

one thing that i have been worrying about.


christmas presents for my colleagues. for my department, for the other department… aiyoyo.

big headache. have to write a long list of presents to buy for so and so.

things i have to do! no more procrastination!

– write down a list of presents to buy for ppl @ work
– write down a list of presents to buy for friends
– brainstorm on what to buy for them
– finish reading all the storybooks that people have graciously lent me
– choose a bloody mobile phone to purchase (maybe next month. tis month pay seems to go to xmas presents! -__-“)

argh. tooo many things to do! too many presents to buy! feel like telling everyone “DONT BUY ME PRESENTS AND I WONT BUY FOR U!”

especially colleagues! basket. must think of budget, what they would like…



shall pop more meds..

*oooooh. soothing comfortable … zzzzz*

9 thoughts on “that thing about still being sick…”

  1. for a moment i tot it’s my bro that passed the sickness to u? or is he the tiger? oh well. i have no idea. HAHA. LOVE!


  2. hahaha….oh good grief! u drug them, then how? then what? hehehe…cannot lah…just grab and tie ’em up!!! muahahahahaah…..


  3. tiger> u are evurl!

    jaywalk> muahahahaa! *plotting in progress*

    c0rde> *hugs!*

    callandor> thanks.

    sel> digital fortress coming up soon! no presents! i dont give u! u dun give me!

    akk> pssst. remember termination of jay’s nuts?


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