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that thing about miss clarity cafe…

i think i’m in love.

with miss clarity cafe. LOL!

how did it started? i was on msn one day and i saw mingren’s nick… “turkey, ham, roast beef, leg of lamb, log cakes, xmas dinner, xmas eve dinner. PLS…contact for more info.”

as i was looking for a venue for dinner on christmas, i was rather intrigued by his nick…

turns out he is working at this cafe called ‘miss clarity cafe’. the food sounds good and from his recommendations, i decided to head down there.

but before that, i googled for the cafe and found this

sounds good! and affordable too! (laoniang budget cut lah. xmas coming. need to buy gifts. argh!)

i then called cg & mandrake down with me… cp joined us too…

the set meals were really affordable! i took the $8.80 set meal which consists of a choice of salad or soup of the day, a main course, the dessert of the day and a choice of tea or coffee or a cold drink (lime juice or barley)..

i chose the soup which was the potato soup…

yummy potato soup

yum. nice though i would prefer if it had potato chunks inside….

and i chose the chicken cordon bleu which was chicken with ham and cheese inside. love the sauce and the roasted potatoes… yum! delish!

delish chicken cordon bleu!

the portion was perfect for me. infact, im still craving for the chicken cordon bleu!!!!!

cg chose the chicken ballotine which was equally good! look how yummy it looks!

chicken ballotine

cg was raving about the potatoes! then it was dessert! the dessert was actually jelly but we requested to change it to bread and butter pudding. and it was a choice we never regretted!

yummmy delish bread and butter pudding!

the bread and butter pudding melts in your mouth. and its hard to hear me raving over desserts for i’m not really a fan of desserts.

give me steak anyday over desserts. =P

i had a sweet surprise when the waiter appeared with a different dessert for me…

a sweet cake for nad

it was really sweet! it was a triple choc cake and had my name on it! awwwwwww!

look how happy i was!

happy nadnut

and the great thing is the food is all value for money! i saw someone ordering the chocolate fondue and i was tempted to snatch it away from her order one for myself but i felt too full.

imagine $8.80 for all this! and no service charge! i was planning to go down today to gobble up more good food show mrkennychan the place but unfortunately, their closed on sundays… ARGH!

i have already made plans to go down twice next week. anyone wanna go down with me to share the delish chocolate fondue? too?

here’s the addy incase ur wondering where it is..

Miss Clarity Cafe
5 Purvis Street
Tel: 6339-4803
Open 7am to 11pm, Mondays to Saturdays


  1. mingren tp law and management? haha. maybe not.

    THAT CAKE LOOKS DELICIOUS!!! I was going to go to NYDC for the Elmer Fudge cake just now, but was too lazy to move my butt. heh heh.

    Want to become addict like you cos i need to be awake more often! I spend most of my time sleeping away.And sleeping is a WASTEOFTIME!!


  2. no la, you don’t know me.

    I dont know if you remember, but that time we were in hisreason’s blog talking about TP and i was still in tp then you asked me if i went for orientation but i didn’t blah blah blah…

    I am still in TP(one more year to go). I don’t know Mingren but i’ve heard of him. He’s sort of like my friend’s friend.


  3. cakie> i need more sleep!

    c0rde> we go eat there one day! =)

    denise> never receive yet leh 🙁

    km> -_-“. FOCUS ON THE FOOD!

    sunshin3> heehehee. so am i!

    greenogre> cool! post them up!

    akk> set!!! when?

    sham> it is! yum.

    ghost> hey hey! long time no see! 🙂

    missy> onz? lets go on friday!


  4. damnnit

    all you bloggers are ruining my favourite eating spots.

    it’s getting more and more crowded at miss clarity’s so pleaaasssseeeee dun advertise anymore!!!!!


  5. ur triple choco decor seems nice.
    but i cant see clearly.
    is ur name only on the plate or also on the cake itself arranged with chocochips?