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O hey o hey o! Woh o woh o!


I first saw the Go Go Singapore contest from the banner displaying and thought it was interesting! Basically all you have to do is to submit a video for “Go Go Singapore!” cheer song and you’ll win instantly a $20 voucher! You can also stand a chance to win an Apple iPad and $200 worth of vouchers!


I decided to call Edmund aka Vandalin to help me with the video. Ching chong boy was horribly shy and said he’ll video us instead.

We basically had fun and decided to submit a very simple video! That’s the beauty of this contest, you can submit silly or fun videos (without it being professionally edited) and you already win a $20 voucher!

Before I showcase my video, here’s pics of the crew!


Silly Edmund who was so hyper!

The boy who kindly helped videoed us!

We met at Sengkang which Ed told us of a fab venue!

Had die die wanted to use my fab new umbrella thus you see the spinning rainbow at the front!

Here are some behind the scenes pics!

Stressing over the dance moves.

He kept suggesting doing the “running man” move!

Fooling around with the dragonball “move”.

My suggestion for the “Stand together, Singapore” move.

We are super uncoordinated. Hurhur.

Go try it out! Download the song here and submit your video here!

And have loads of fun! Send them in before 31 October! Pssssst. I hear from 1 – 14 November, there will be a “Guest the winner” contest!

Thanks Edmund and bf for the help! <3

Video filmed on the G11 and “edited” using Windows Movie Maker. Yes, I need editing lessons!

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