that thing about being a bad girl….

here i am, at jenny’s place again.

needless to say, went clubbing yesterday and got quite “intoxicated”. its becoming a rather bad habit. go club, drink lots of liquor, smoke a pack of ciggs, get “high”, dancedancedance and crawl back home.

got rather emo after drinking… still thinking of the past... i’m such a wuss.

no man, no cry.

does liquor make us emo? hahahaaa. oh well. im supposed to be “detox-ing” this week but it seems that im doing more damage to my system.

i have been drinking and smoking too much.

and it has to stop now (or at least cut down lah).

lets have some good clean fun now!

8 thoughts on “that thing about being a bad girl….”

  1. don’t worry. next time u want to drink, tell me.
    I’ll drink everything for u.
    Just promise u don’t make drunken steak out of me. =)


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