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Feeling rebellious.

After I’ve launched my “war” so as to speak, I’ve been feeling very rebellious. Why should anyone have to tolerate shitty services or experiences? If they don’t listen to your feedback, then prepare for war.

Anyway… I went to class on Thursday feeling so irked and pissed off about the whole MIS thing and then the lecturer passed over this sheet for everyone to fill up their particulars including their company’s name and occupation.

Yes, the angry devil is still sitting on my shoulder then. When I saw the list, I got even more miffed. Why should we disclose all these details? If you want to say it verbally once, so be it but writing down on a list for you to refer, I wasn’t very comfortable with that.

And as you know, I am rather anal about sharing what I do and where I work online. Being wary in the first place and coupled with feeling rebellious isn’t a good combo.

Instead of leaving it blank as many other students did, I wrote a note there. “Don’t intend to share. P&C.”

LOL. I wonder what the lecturer must have thought of when he saw that. Not a very good first impression.


Blame the rebellious streak in me. 😛

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