that thing about abstaining from smoking and drinking..

it seems that things are a tad different now.

i feel like im in an emotional rollercoaster ride. i dunno what to expect and i feel like a puppet being manipulated into diff actions.

well, lets go with the flow and see how things goes.

and im supposed to quit smoking. well. depends how long things stay this way. wahahhaa. im abstaining from drinking for a while.

the week has passed amazingly fast. my week of leave is over. didnt accomplish much but just having fun. detox did not work. (the vegetable soup is still in my fridge)

have i grown more cynical? someone said i did. and i feel much different from last time.

im supposed to be happier. but it doesnt seem that way. have i been so unhappy that i have forgotten how it feels like to be happy?

i hope not.

well, time wil tell.

10 thoughts on “that thing about abstaining from smoking and drinking..”

  1. KM> rubbish. U teaching her wrong stuff lah…
    Newton’s law of gravity is “What goes up, must come down…”
    But by the conservation of energy….etc… (oh well…)

    anyway, there’s gd times, there’s definitely bad times too. It’s a matter of whether what u make out of it…
    And well, just drink less. Tried detoxing after VI, ended up drinking again on Wed. haha… =)
    & Don’t smoke, bad for health. (and wallet.) =P


  2. don’t listen to Jaywalk!!! A few days only mah, confirm got withdrawal symptoms that can feel like depression and unhappiness. Keep it up, it’ll only be a good thing…think of all the $$ you can save!!!! hehehe…:) BTW, when u free? need cheering up? lai lai!


  3. kingmeng> things will only pick up, you mean?

    jaywalk> wahahhaa. u will only encourage me on steak and redbull! heh

    cow> i shall quit smoking! 😉

    wenz> sighs. babe, where’s your blog now?

    sunshin3> thanks sweetie!

    vanna> *hugs*

    akk> hahahaa. i guess i have been feeling quite ‘sad’ for the past 7 months. heh. sure! lets gorge ourselves on food!


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