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that thing about being drunk…

yesterday’s halloween party was hilarious! the girls all got wasted and mrkennychan had to take care of us… LOL!

what was i dressed up? as a schoolgirl!

because hor, kingmeng STOLE ALL THE LIMELIGHT when he dressed up as a schoolgirl at virtual insanity! so i decided to try it out…

kingmeng vs nadnut!

kingmeng vs nadnut

WHOSE CUTER?!?!?!!!!


nad and jen
the whole outfit!

schoolgirls for jooo?

nerdy old me
nerdy me…

the whole do!

i kept being asked by guys if i was underaged… LOL! lotsa smoking, drinking, dancing and biting done! heh. got so wasted, we all crawled back to jen’s place and concussed… till now!

time to crawl back now… 2 days of parties. great fun!

a scandalous pic!

more pics!!!

camwhore alert!

check out the boobs on that nun-deh!

wont u wanna spank us?

more and more drinks..

a great experience!

22 thoughts on “that thing about being drunk…”

  1. Wah 2 parties in a row. Damn jealous!

    And I tell you something HaHaHa. I actually went to my wardrobe this morning and took an extra longer look at my secondary school shirt. Mixed feelings lah. Nolstogic and disappointed.

    Diappointed because got yellow spots sia. Around the shoulders. Wtf.



  2. Hey sweetie!!! It was so nice seeing you! You’re so cute and petite, i feel/look like such a giant next to you. I’m glad you had such a good time though! (:


  3. zhebin> oh no! all your shirts have those spots?

    sunshin3> of course! coffee soon?

    keshia> hey babe. finally we get to meet in real life! 😉

    km> heh!


  4. glad u went as a schoolgal, i think u look very chio! ur small size helped with the image…hehehe….haiz…ciggies and drinks…


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