Do Singaporeans dress badly?

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Personally, I think Singaporeans do not dress badly at all. Well, the majority that is. We might be boring dressers as compared to say, the people in Japan or States but I don’t think we dress badly. The thing about Singaporeans is that we tend to conform. Like for example the trends… from gladiator sandals…

Picture credits: foreveramber

to leggings..

Picture credits: Alibaba

Personally, I love leggings. I find them comfortable than the bulky jeans especially in this horrible humid weather but you gotta cover the bum when you wear leggings! W/o covering them, it looks weird!

The worst fashion mistake ever to me?

Picture credits: Pitch

Unsightly brastraps! I really hate it when people show off their brastraps. I guess if you’re going to some neighbourhood area or your brastrap suddenly decide to play peekaboo when it was hidden under your tanktop earlier, then it’s forgiveable. But wearing UGLY brastraps with a tube or spag is a big no-no! Especially when you’re going to some nice event!

Picture credits: beautifulbrastraps

If you wanna show them off, get some nice diamante ones at least!

Anyway, back to the point. Because of the fact that everyone dresses “the same way”, anyone else who dresses differently get either stared at/flamed. Take for instance, I decided to dress well, differently on my birthday.

And while, i did get some remarks for being adventurous, there were some that weren’t really kind. I don’t dress like that normally but I decided to do something different for that day. (Usually I blame the weather for being dressing uncreatively. It’s too hot to layer stuff! I rather just plonk out in a sleeveless dress!)

Or boots.

I wore these lovely pair of boots out some time ago and needless to say, I got stared at like mad.

Is it that wrong to dress differently? I do admit, I am not the most adventurous person in the world, but sometimes I just want to be different.

Like for example, I really enjoy themed parties. Like for example the Nuffnang Pajamas Party last year!

Everyone wore Pajamas that day and it was really fun! I spotted so many different kind of pajamas, it’s really interesting seeing how some people got really creative with the theme!

So what do you think? Are we bad dressers? Would you get creative and dress however, whatever you like? Tell me! 😉

8 thoughts on “Do Singaporeans dress badly?”

  1. I dont think Singaporeans dress badly.
    I guess there isnt anything wrong with dressing differenly. But there is just a thin line seperating between dressing creatively and looking good in the process, and looking distasteful =D


  2. I got them for a steal at $10. You can try out the mondo warehouse store in Far east plaza where i got these.. You can find some good stuff there =D


  3. Actually, I think Singaporeans are generally ‘lazy’ dressers and not very adventurous by nature. But that doesn’t mean we are ‘bad’ dressers either..we just wear whatever is comfy.. the weather here doesn’t really permit us to experiment that much either.

    and i really think the gladiator sandals are fugly! they make our legs look shorter! never did understand its appeal 😛


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