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that thing about aussie… day two.

hey you guys! how are you? its getting chilly here…

to answer some queries, i’m in brisbane right now. 🙂 didnt take much pics actually. lol. was too busy walking around to really take pics. 🙂

remember yesterday’s entry? here’s a pic of the little rascal! don’t be deceived by her pathetic expression, she’s really naughty!

a silly thing happened today… we went out and realised tiger left his key in his other bag and his phone at home. -_-“. and we realised that the windows is easily opened. so like a burglar, he climbed thru the window. thank god, no neighbours were watching. doh. so much for safety.

aside from that, we went to the city today and had kfc for lunch. i love the whipped potato here, except they called it potato and gravy here. hmmm. they don’t serve ketchup and chilli and they had little wet paper towels (like mini baby wipes!) with the meal. a tad pricey though. a 2 piece meal upsized, costs about 9plus? tsk tsk tsk.

we then watched superman returns in the suburbs. southbank to be exact. $6 bucks here for a movie! students pay abt $5…. the cinemas here are free seating. and interesting enough, it wasnt cold, i was in my tube top and i felt warm. maybe they had the heater on… *shrugs*

and instead of having burger kings there, they have hungry jacks. o.O

most of the shopping places here close early and i went to a few shops, (supre and all) and found nothing i wanted. either its too big or its too pricey. ridiculous! nevermind, bangkok shopping spree coming soon!

it gets dark here rather fast, around 6 plus aussie time (which is 4 plus sg time), it looks like its 9pm in singapore!

we met up with a blogger friend, interestingly enough, tiger knew her! its such a small world. 😉 and on our way to pancake place, look what i found!

damn. i wanted to drive away with the redbull inside. unfortunately i did not have the keys nor do i drive. lol. hmmm. must buy redbull here and see if there is any difference. lol.

the meeting was pleasant and interesting. tiger was busy entertaining us with his jokes and experiences. no matter how chatterbox i am, sometimes i feel so shy around new people. hahahahaa. 😛 but overall, it was a nice experience, great meal and great company! 😉

we then splitted up after the sinful dinner, and headed to the casino. it was my first time to a casino. i decided to hit the slots. unfortunately i lost 5 bucks. but hey, its all for the experience. 🙂 and afterall i had my win last time 😉

and now we’re home! alrighty, time for me to hit the showers and zzzzz soon. take care all!