Are you being served? – The mission!

For those who did not read the previous post, this mission is held in conjunction with the campaign – Are You Being Served? Please read this for more information.


I went with CCB in the end as most of my friends couldn’t make it. Ah well. (FYI CCB is like the nicest customer ever, even if he is not satisfied with the service, he wouldn’t voice it out. Too nice already! Always kena “makan” by others. Tsk!)

Here’s what happened! We went to this ala-carte buffet restaurant where basically you order portions of your meat and you’ll bbq it yourself. I’ll be dividing the points systems into Bravo points and Hiccup points here..

Bravo point 1: Even though the restaurant was packed and we did not make a reservation, they still managed to find us a seat within 5 minutes.

Bravo point 2: The staff patiently explained about the different cuts of meats and which would be of a better choice in his opinion. He asked a few questions about what kind of cuts I would prefer, texture etc and he suggested that I ordered those dishes. And he was right, I really enjoyed those dishes!

Hiccup point 1:

Food arrived but there weren’t no grill. How do we start cooking like that?! (The grill finally arrived after a while…)

Bravo point 3:

I was too engrossed in cooking and eating that I kept forgetting about my tea. Kept asking them to change my tea and there did so without any complains. (I think I asked them to change the tea like 5 times. T_T)

Bravo point 4:

Our grill got dirty after a while and fussy old me wanted a new grill. The staff changed the grill promptly..

Yay to clean grills!

Hiccup point 2:

While changing the grill, the staff wasn’t careful enough and spilled some sauce… it landed into my paperbag and on my new white dress that I bought! 🙁

But overall, I think despite the hiccups, which is really unintentional, the service staff really tried their best.

Mission PASSED!

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