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that thing about aussie. day three.

bah. i woke up bright and early today, say 6plus in the morning? all ready to start the day early. helped tiger to cook breakfast, (more like he cooked and i washed up) and we tried mandrake’s way of cooking bacon. *failed attempt*

decided to snooze after the sinful breakfast (scrambled eggs, pork sausages and oh-so-good-yummy-bacon) and a 15 mins nap turned out to be a 2 hrs++ nap. which makes it a bit too late to head to toowong and indooripilly (typo?) so we decided to do some grocery shopping.

cooked dinner and watched some animes.

tomorrow will be better! dreamworld!

2 thoughts on “that thing about aussie. day three.”

  1. oh, u muz visit indooroopilly shopping centre. It’s considered a major one in the suburbs. Rite now, the bikinis shd be selling at very low prices! Grab some!

    Also, near the shopping centre, there is a “Cheesecake Shop”. you must eat the cheesecake from there!! Go for marble cheesecake. It’s heavenly …. And also, muz go 小台北 at Sunnybank for 麻辣火锅. Very shiok to eat during winter. heheh …

    u juz made me miss brisbane so much!! Have fun at dreamworld!


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