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4 days of celebration – Buffet dinner at Kuishinbo

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The next day was actually Ching Chong Boy’s actual birthday.

He picked me up from my place and we were off to Kushinbo!

I’ve heard about Kuishinbo for ages but haven’t been there! Do you guys still remember the rather irritating TV commercial they had?

Don don don 1-2-3, we are Kuishinbo! or something like that?

Basically Kuishinbo serves a variety of items from Sashimi to Teppanyaki to Hotpot to Desserts.

Here’s some of the items we ordered.

(click to enlarge)

My favourite would have to be the..


I don’t usually eat crabs because I find it such a hassle but the crabs here were so easy to “deshell” and really juicy!

Damage by yours truly!

All in all, we enjoyed ourselves but found the pricing of the buffet a tad expensive. Not really value for money for us though. :/

Ah well.

Glad that he enjoyed himself!

Ending this entry with an outfit of the day!

Dress found in a tiny shop in Harbourfront, shoes from Bkk and bag from theblogshop!

One last entry for the 4 days of celebration posts! Coming soon!

Pictures were taken with the G11.

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