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there are some people where you can just be yourself with them. mrkennychan is one of them.

mrkennychan is one of my best guy friends. he’s someone who i can have fun and party with and yet someone i can count on to lend a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on. he has seen me in my most unglam moments e.g. without makeup, bawling, drunk and probably is the one who has blackmail worthy info about me.

i remember the crazy clubbing times we had. just like my other close guy friend, he’s also a good food kaki. infact, he was the one who intro-ed cafe brios to me. he does drives me crazy with his scatterbrain-ness at times. he’ll totally forget things and of all the years i’ve known him, he has never remembered my birthday! *pouts*. one irritating thing about him is that he’ll always forget where he has parked the car and will blame yours truly. why? because i’m the “co-pilot” and should remember where the car is. lol.

take care buddy! am missing you a lot!!!!! i want my clumsy rollerblading-booze guzzling at the beach-movie partner-crazy driving sessions kaki!!!!

take care in perth and thanks for taking time to meet up with me in this short one week vacation back to singapore. see you on my birthday! (i hope.)

thanks bro. it was great meeting up with you. *hugs*
heh. its not the number of friends you have but the number of close and caring friends and in my case, the number of friends who cares and makes an effort to keep in touch. there are those who have drifted apart, but hey, one party can’t be making the effort all the time. i’ll stick to having friends who tries and bothers. 🙂

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