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that thing about aussie. day one.

gd day mate!

greetings from australia. incase you were wondering, my baggage did not exceed 20kg. (THANK GOD!). didnt managed to sleep at all during my flight (all freaking 7 hours +++ of it!), despite checking in more than 2 hrs before my flight, i did not managed to get an aisle seat. tmd tmd tmd!

how was my first day here? firstly the cab here is way tooooooooo expensive. a cab from the airport to tiger’s place costs close to 40 buckaroos! and that’s in aussie dollars not sg! so expensive!

crashed when i reached tiger’s place. before i managed to snooze, i got mauled by his roommate’s dog. tmd super hyperactive dog. every minute, she must lick and pounce onto me. there is not a single moment where she is sitting down quietly. and oh, did i mention that she tried to run out and i had to chase her?

i am so sticking to cats. less attention needed. god, i hate being licked in the face 1000++++ times. argh. dog spit. PTOOOI!

after snoozing for like 5 hours, i woke up to a nice lunch. yum. bacon aglio olio. hahahaa. personal chef! i went for a tour around his campus. and walked quite a bit.

and enjoyed a nice dinner @ a salt & battery. cheap cheap! and they allow you to bring your own booze. tiger’s friends brought a bottle of wine. and the place supplies you with wine glasses and wine cooler (i think). interesting… singapore is all about corkage charge and all.

the weather here arent THAT cold till late.ร‚ย its only after dinner where i felt really really cold. and had a looooooooooong walk back to his place. tmd new shoes, blisters. bah.

tomorrow we’re gonna watch a movie in the city and check out the casino! ๐Ÿ˜‰

take care all!

and TMD! brazil lost! *tears $20 ticket*


  1. I am a lil disappointed your Garfield-look-alike cat didn’t manage to sneak into your luggage after all. Hahaha. Enjoy your stay and keep us updated. = )


  2. so are you in melbourne or another part of aussie? i was quite surprised to see this post the first thing i came onto ur blog….

    i’ll be in melbbie in 10 days’ time too!!



  3. heh. welcome to oz: the land where public transport comes once every hour and where the taxi fare meter jumps every two seconds. ๐Ÿ˜€

    and be prepared to do a lot of walking if you guys dun have a car. :p


  4. “A Salt & Battery”?? Do i think u’re at where i think u are??

    cos there is this place called “A Salt & battery” near my uni in aussie also. Serve very nice fish and chips. and it also cost ard 30 to 40 bugs for the cab fare fm airport to that suburb. heheh ….

    Have fun!~