Love Travel

that thing about aussie… day nine.

headed to garden city today for some shopping… in the end it ended up more like a grocery shopping outing. imagine carting groceries for like 14km back home? the journey takes about an hour!!! -_-”

had dinner with his housemates and had a mini casino gambling session which lasted from 8plus till 12.30am. pretty simple day… managed to grab some mini souveniors. *cough* rather “interesting” ones. 😛

a few more days left to go… and i have not bought any souveniors for my colleagues. things here are so expensive. including nougats. -_-”

i miss singapore’s food. bah. where’s my chicken briyani, laksa and chicken rice where i can get at like 3 bucks? 🙁 though the weather is pretty lovely here, nice scenery with slow paced lifestyle, i still prefer singapore. 🙂


  1. Well, well, well. I haven’t been checking in and it’s fun to read your entries.

    That’s a pair of funky-looking boots you got there~!

    Great pictures and yes, eat as much as you can and then sweat it all out when you get back~! Muahaha.