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Melaka in 1 day.

It was quite a whirlwind affair. Hillary of PreciousLiving had mentioned on plurk that she was having an open house on the first day of CNY and all were welcomed. As yours truly had nothing to do on CNY, I decided to go visit Hillary in Melaka!

It was quite a quick ride to Melaka. I had brought along my textbook thinking it’ll be more than a 4 hour ride but I did not even get to study at all! I was too busy catching up with Nic.

We had a lil pitstop in between and being the red bull addict I am, I couldn’t help but buy a can of the delish stuff. So cute lah, they had the lil “Bullleh” slogan below. A play on “Boleh”!

Hillary’s place was fantastic, it really looked like a lil castle on the outside and her dogs are extremely delightful.

I fell in love with her sweet cocker spaniel called Flame.

She’s such a pretty lil thing.

Aside from that, I saw my first partial eclipse… thru an Xray.

Cullen, another blogger who made the trip to Melaka to visit Hillary, had better pictures of the eclipse. Check it out here!

After freshening up, Hillary brought us to her friend’s Art Gallery (called The Babboon House) and a lil tour of Melaka.

A very interesting candle which Roger, the owner of The Babboon House made.

Some pretty pics that I took. Melaka is such a quaint lil place, full of heritage. I adore the traditional decor and of course the fantastic food!

The Assam Laksa was delish, a great combination of spice and sour, this left me wanting for more.

I was puzzled by the fish flakes in the Baba Rendang. I have never seen rendang like this and it actually tasted good!

Nic had wanted to order the chendol but it was sold out much to the dismay of the rest. As I was never a fan of chendol, I was more interested in the Laksa. 😛

After dinner at Hillary’s place, we decided to check out the funfair.

The guys played some games and won some cute prizes. After spending some time at the funfair, it was time to drive back home….

It was really fun and I wished that I had more free time to explore Melaka. Perhaps, I’ll make another trip back there soon. 🙂


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10 thoughts on “Melaka in 1 day.”

  1. woohoo … love the sky outlines. 🙂

    i had assam laksa by peranakan friend last Tuesday too (CNY Day 2). its definitely very different from the usual laksa you find here or the one my mum serves.


    I had no idea what Baba Rendang is though. If Hillary cooks, maybe she can share her recipe? (of course, im assuming the cooking was not done by her. oops :x) *chuckles*

    and happy Niu year to you! you look great always! 🙂


  2. Hisham: The Baba Rendang and Assam Laksa was from a food stall. I absolutely adore the sky outlines too, makes my pictures look pretty. Heh. Maybe we should organise a trip to Melaka! For phototaking and food!

    Hillary: Yeah man! Shopping! <3

    annant: Alamak, another time then! I’ll definitely be heading back to Melaka!


  3. i love the pic of the ferris wheel! great shot, really.

    anyway. u look great. as always 🙂 and hillary too. that pic with the candle is gorgeous!

    wish i could’ve gone too… seems so much fun 🙁 but my parents said day 1 must stay at home with family 🙁


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