you decide.

basically you have the choice in how things happen.

if you wanna get that increment and promotion, you jolly well work hard and do your best. that means no skiving at work, no slacking, no procrastination. think out of the box and be proactive.

if you wanna forget that no-good scum whom you have been unable to get over for a few years, you have to work at it instead of dwelling on the past and keep wanting to msg him and wondering what went wrong. people change. he dont love you anymore. get over it.

if you hate your job that much, do something about it. either quit or talk to your boss. there are many jobs around. why drag yourself to work everyday?

if you wanna quit your job but the parental units are against it, think for yourself. are you living your life or theirs?

if you wanna be loved, then buck up and change yourself. who wants to love someone whose always lamenting about the ex and obviously have issues and refuses to work on it?

everyone has a choice. don’t blame the ex, the job, the boss and all. you can make things change. you only have yourself to blame. perhaps some people are just happy being miserable. all they love to do is complain and complain about something and hey! they’re loving it!

everyone needs a wakeup call. (including me.) so stop complaining and work on something! you have spent enough time getting over it, so move on! *shakes head*

5 thoughts on “you decide.”

  1. what if i want to quit desperately but can’t because i need to pay my car instalments and bills?


    nadnut: actively source for a job currently and once u get an offer, tender at ur current job…


  2. There are always choices – but making the right decision is another thing. And it’s always a tough thing to do. When you decide, you’d have to think of the responsibilites – who you’re taking care of, who’s paying the bills, who’s buying the groceries and what-have-yous.

    But it’s true, when you work hard for something, you’ll definitely get something back. It’s just a matter of time.


  3. hahaa.. that’s why i decided to do something too.. muahaha.. must be proactive in what i want..


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