that thing about being famoooooose!

something i never understood was.. why the thirst for fame? some people would try desperately to get famooose, be it in auditions (steven lim in singapore idol) or blogging.

some may try so hard to blog on latest news (clapbangkiss ‘surgery’) or any other news and tomorrow themselves. they try so hard just to get hits and so that they can be ‘well-known’.

or they may insult some other bloggers, form a hate site or what other nonsense.

is there any point in that?

so what if your famous? perhaps you may get a few interviews and if your lucky/good/pretty enough, you may get job offers or get written on a few magazine articles or perhaps be talent scouted.

remember spiderman’s quote: ‘with great power lies great responsibility’?

can one take it when it all gets nasty? i.e. hatemail, media’s ‘expose’ about you? there is always a price to pay for everything.

if one is gonna do anything (blogging, auditions) just to get famous, just don’t bother. it will probably backfire on you. if you do get famous just from doing your routine ‘stuff’, then good for you but dont seek it so desperately.

how low can you go? is that what drives you? is that what your living for?

i hope not. if so, then… i pity you.

8 thoughts on “that thing about being famoooooose!”

  1. brennan> opinion-ated and greed for fame is different.

    callandor> bovine comparisons? well, you gotta wait till the cows go home… lol!

    winter> aye aye.


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