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spent a great monday wiv my lunch mates..

i have de greatest lunchmates at the Travel agency.. coz we go in shifts, we have like 3 in each shift..

i neva met a bunch where we can gel so fast and feel so comfortable together though we are 3 diff ppl..

there is reiko, the sweet innocent 18 year old who is entering NTU or issit NUS this year…

louis, a sweet, romantic and kind 24 year old fresh from NS, undertaking a part time degree…

and me!

all 3 of us are going our separateways…

reiko will be going to school in july/august…

louis has left the company last saturday and am now looking for greener pastures…

and me where 1st june will start on my new job with xxx. hahaa. identity withheld!

its pretty sad knowing we will all be apart… though we say we will keep in touch, we all know that the bond will not be there once all of us leave..

probably outings once a month? it has been a great one month knowing this 2 peeps. and though they will neva read my blog (i refuse to give them de url. haha. i juz want them to remember me tis way, not de mildly depressed cuckoo. haha), i juz have to say, there are the best lunch mates that money cant buy.

seriously, all of us have to agree that the only time we look forward to is lunch.

anyway, we were deciding over many diff ideas of wat to do for monday’s outing. at first we decided on fishing cum prawning due to de fact that i neva fished b4. however taking note that sunday was vesak day and reiko is a buddhist, she cant fish.

we then decided on kiteflying (due to my deprived childhood once again) and steamboat @ marina south.

however, 2 evil peeps had plans up their sleeve.

they forced me to bowl! yes me, de longkang queen who HATED bowling as much as i HATE raw food.

bleah…. had steamboat after tat and went to de archade.

a simple day. with ppl who matter.

carefree is how i felt. i hope i can feel tis way forever. :]

picture time!

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