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that thing about aussie… day eight.

headed to gold coast today. went to harbourtown, australian fair & surfers paradise to shop… FINALLY managed to buy a few stuff. lol. pretty much just window shopping and taking in the sights..

went over to the beach to take a look. so cleaaaaaaaaaaaaan. unlike singapore’s beaches. but the waves look ferocious. tsk tsk tsk. had the most delicious icecream here. (na)deeeeeeeelicious!

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by the time we reached brisbane city, it was time for dinner. unfortunately most places were closed so we had to settle for this asian food place. but the prices were ridiculous! $8.80 (thats in aussie buckaroos!) for rice+sweet&sour fish. o.O so expensive!

that’s all for today! tomorrow we’re taking it slow! 😉 see ya!

3 thoughts on “that thing about aussie… day eight.”

  1. nadnut!Finally u went GC! Yeah the beach is very clean!Unlike ours.Hey i took the same picture sitting on that Surfers chair!LOL!You went HMV right?


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