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Shaw’s hits and misses.

I’m having mixed feelings about Shaw right now. Earlier this week, I was invited by the kind folks of Shaw with other bloggers (like Esther and Peggy) and traditional media peeps to watch the exclusive screening of Watchmen in conjunction of their 2nd anniversary of Shaw Online.

Outfit of the day.

The whole Shaw Lido was closed on that day (Monday, 2nd March) just for the screening of Watchmen. Really made us feel like VIP.

How was Watchmen? Personally I felt it was good. A little dark but really good show. Makes you ponder on life. I loved the fact that I need not read the graphic novel but yet am able to understand the show.

The graphic novel is on my desk right now, hoping to find time to read it soon. 😉

Aside from that, the Shaw peeps shared with us about how they’re trying to engage the masses. They’re currently on RSS feeds, Twitter and Facebook.

It was a good event and we walked away with some nice goodies, though I would rather just walk away with The Comedian’s badge.

While the whole experience with Shaw Lido left me smiling… yesterday’s experience with Shaw Balestier left me fuming.

Yesterday, I went to watch Marley and Me at Shaw Balestier. (Balestier 2, 7.15pm)


While the show was entertaining and left me and many other cinema-goers tearing at some parts, we were left confused and frustrated when the show suddenly stopped (when the family was walking to Marley’s grave) and the lights came on.

There was a good two minutes of nothing-ness. It was as if the movie was over. Quite a few movie-goers left the cinema. Suddenly the show came on after a while though it was obvious that a few parts were cut off. I really felt that the mood was spoilt. Imagine you were sobbing then suddenly the show stopped and you’re left frustrated and then the sad part comes again, the mood was gone. Has it happened to you before?

While Shaw Lido had engaged some of us during the Watchmen preview, Shaw Balestier had effectively negated the results with its “cock-up”.

Perhaps in addition to thinking of how to engage the masses, they should also concentrate on better customer service and preventing such errors on happening.

6 thoughts on “Shaw’s hits and misses.”

  1. Wow. Shaw Balestier sounds really bad. Being one of the few big cinemas in Singapore, it shouldn’t have happened. Did they apologise for it? :p


  2. From what I heard the graphic novel is disappointing. It is good that you watched the movie first before reading it.


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