Yours truly...

uploaded grad pics! 🙂 will miss de memories of tp… it was here where i met a lot of frens, where i mould my character and where i became who i am. 🙂

went to office today! nice nice! shall upload pics tomolo. me blog suddenly full of pictures… 😛

tis week signals de end of my ‘poly-hood’, and next week, which will be de start of my job, will signal de start of my ‘adult-hood’. in de meantime, i shall hunt down information for my further education. wish me luck people, sighz, if onlie money aint a barrier.

to de rest of u guys who still have a year or more in tp, treasure it as much as u can. schooling life is always the best. treasure the times to come, de frens u made and de memories. 🙂

pls: motivators! i know why sheikh haikel wasnt at de parade! read here! and here!

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