so sad….

onlie had a bowl of damn wattery plain porridge de whole god damn day… (dun u dare tell me not to cuss… its my fuking blog!), coz no appetite.. still half dead zombie… onlie got my appetite back after 1am! so hungry! tried dragging ryan out for prata @ simpang bedok but de poor soul oso sick… sighz… so no one to go eat supper wiv me… have nothing to eat at home… so wanted to eat THAT IDIOT’S ferrero rocher… its damn tempting me lor… infront of my face lor.. then ryan say cant! sheesh… he said and i quote “dun wanna go out with a voiceless girl on friday” … sheesh! skali he back out of our date i die! lol… k lor.. so i have to be a good gurl and stare at de damn chocs… (they are taunting me!!!)… sighz…

bad ryan!

hungry! starving! someone FEED me!

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