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Seasons Bistro at Triple One Somerset

[Invited tasting]

Fidelis and I were invited to sample Seasons Bistro’s offering a while back. The kind folks at Seasons Bistro shared some insights about Executive Chef Benjamin Fong’s mission to serve great food and also shape the future of responsible consumption. This passionate chef is such a huge supporter of sustainability and conservation practices that he brings it across his seasonal menus at Seasons Bistro.

Seasons Bistro’s menu centers on the beauty of simplicity, with a focus on preserving the purity and natural integrity of the ingredients which is why he leans toward clean yet flavoursome ingredients like seafood and shellfish. He marries these ingredients with intricate flavours such as Latin American cuisine.

We had the opportunity to experience these dishes.


As a starter, we sampled the Seared Yellowfin Tuna Taco ($14++) which is dressed in avocado mayonnaise, pickled onions, crispy shallots, cotija cheese and cilantro jalapeno watercress salad on a tortilla shell. I felt that the tuna was well matched with the strong flavours of the dressing and that the fact that they added onions so that the avocado mayonnaise wouldn’t be too jelak. Quite a unique and refreshing dish.


The Grilled Portobello Salad ($16++) was served together with the Tuna. The Portobello was served with St Maure Terroir, tomatoes, beans, candied walnuts, pickled onions, bacon crisp and red wine vinaigrette. I personally am a huge fan of strong cheese. I loved the whole marriage of the juicy Portobello mushroom with the sweet candied walnuts and the cheese. However, I do find it rather filling. Might be a better choice to order it as a main course instead for you bird like eaters. I do have to say that the cheese could get a bit overpowering for those who do not like strong cheeses.


I was delighted to see the Pan Seared Foie Gras ($16++). After my Paris trip, I was craving for it. The Foie Gras here is served differently though. The Pain de mie is served with a chocolate ganache, bacon jam, caramalized bananas and granola crumbs. I never thought that chocolate would have gone so well with the Foie Gras! But the salty and savouryness of the Foie Gras went really well with the decadent chocolate ganache. The bacon jam was light and wasn’t too strong too. Definitely a must-try!


The Seared Albacore Tuna ($26++) was extremely refreshing with it’s ingredients of Asian pear, avocado, jicama, watermelon with chipotle mojo, salsa verde and of course the Tuna itself. The dish felt “cooling” due to it’s lovely fruity companions. I thought that the tuna was cooked quite well too.


The Buttermilk Fried Chicken ($22++) was served with Succotash and deviled ranch dressing and homemade catsup. I thought the dish didn’t scream out as compared to the previous few dishes. It was a bit simple but I have to give props that they actually made their very own catsup.


The Southend Summer Pasta ($18++) was extremely value for money with it’s generous serving of homemade tomato sauce and sausages. The sweetness of the tomato sauce was extraordinary! Definitely a very hearty dish!


Surf & Turf Gumbo ($27++) was served with Shrimp, chicken, sausage, okra tomato stew with dirty rice, pickled onion, cilantro, chow chow relish & french bean salad. Personally, it reminded me of briyani for some reason.


For desserts, we started off with the Season’s Red Velvet Cheesecake ($10++). I love cheesecake and I love red velvet. Separately. Together? I’m not too sure. I felt that it lost the uniqueness flavour which made it so special and made it simple. Not that I didn’t like it, I just thought that it tasted ordinary in the end.


I was also disappointed with the Season’s Carrot Cake ($12++). Felt that it was a bit dry for my tastes.


The disappointment from the two desserts above was soon made up with the Mojito Tart ($12++). A toasted coconut tart with mint lime curd & rum cream, I believe that I have never tried something like this before. I loved the zestyness and sweetness of the mint lime curd and the combination with the coconut and rum was not cloyingly sweet at all.


They really saved the best for last. The Season’s Deconstructed Banana Split ($12++) was a dream come true. The caramelised bananas was served with chocolate and vanilla ice cream together with granola nut crumbs, fresh strawberries, nutella & fresh cream. I was almost licking the plate clean with this dish!

I had such a lovely time with Fidelis! Thank you FoodNews & Seasons Bistro for the invite!


If you’ll like to check out Seasons Bistro, here are the details:

Seasons Bistro
Triple One Somerset 111 Somerset Road #01-11/12, Singapore 238164
(t) +65 68365841

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