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Crowne Plaza’s Azur Crab and Crepe Buffet

[Invited Tasting]

Skai and I were invited alongside other bloggers for a food tasting event at Crowne Plaza Crab and Crepe some time ago. Unfortunately yours truly has been rather tardy in reviewing this and the buffet is no longer available. In any case, I really liked the pictures taken that day and would like to share them for memory sake. LOL

Honestly, I was feeling very bad that day during food tasting. I was having bad morning sickness coupled with migraines and basically puked the whole damn day. But I had promised Carrie that I would attend the food tasting and still appeared nonetheless.

Skai was basically my tastebuds that day as I was feeling extremely queazy and unwell. Azur (one of our favourite places for food tastings) brought together Crabs and Crepes (both sweet and savoury) for a buffet! Here are some items where c(hubby) aka Skai savoured!

Seafood Bar, Sashimi and Sushi







From the seafood bar, we had our pick of Spanner Rock Crabs, Cold Alaska Crab Claws, Cold Stone Crabs, Poached Tiger Prawns, Freshly Shucked Oysters, fresh slices of Snapper, Tuna, Salmon, Tako sashimi, Ikura Salmon Roe Sushi Rolled with Crêpe, assorted Nigiri Sushi and Maki and Cha Soba with Mud Crab Roe and Unagi.

Appetisers and Soups, Hot Asian and Western Crab Dishes













There was a huge selection of crab and seafood themed Asian and Western dishes from the two show kitchens.

The Hawker Stall features a different popular local crab dish rotated every thirty minutes. Crab fans can return to find Wok Fried Cereal Crab, Salted Egg Crab, Black Peppercorn Crab, Singapore Chilli Crab and Curry Crab.

An array of hot dishes such as Deep-fried Crab Meat Tofu with Leek and Oyster Sauce, Deep-Fried Softshell Crab with Thai Coriander Chilli and Crayfish and Blue Sea Prawn and Minced Chicken in “Rendang style” will go perfectly with a bowl or two of fragrant white rice.

The “Bamee Poo” another Thai inspired dish, is an egg vermicelli noodle dish is mixed with a rich sauce made of garlic, fish sauce and light sauce, topped with sweet steamed crab meat, fried ikan bilis and tangy green mustard. Diners will have the opportunity to order a bowl and have it whipped up à la minute. Some of the highlights from the Western show kitchen are the Saffron Rice with Tomato Crab, Baked Whole Barramundi Fish with Crab Meat Herbs Crust, BBQ Sri Lanka Crab, Crispy Dungeness Crab Cakes with Chestnuts in Mango-Pineapple Salsa and Steamed Stone Claw with Zesty Orange Horseradish Sauce.

Crêpe Stations and Dessert Island








Available during the Crab and Crêpe Buffet are two Crêpe Stations: The Homemade Crab in Crêpes allows patrons to choose from several savoury crab fillings like Curry Mayonnaise Crab, Sambal Dry Shrimps Crab, Crab Meat Goulash, Honey Pineapple Chicken and Crab and Snow Crab Wasabi and the Crêpe Suzette where we could pick up a hot dessert of delicious French pancake in orange butter sauce.

There was also a huge selection of beloved desserts like Jackfruit Sago in Coconut, Durian Pancakes, Chocolate Fountain with mixed berries, melons and marshmallows and other chilled miniature desserts.

Make instant online reservations via the Crowne Plaza’s Dining website: www.crowneplazadining.com. Although the Crab and Crepes buffet is over, do check out their Christmas buffet at: http://www.crowneplazadining.com/2015/Christmas.html

Check out Azur at:

2F Crowne Plaza Hotel
75 Airport Boulevard, Singapore 819664
(t) 6823 5354
(w) www.crowneplazadining.com/azur

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