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put on your dancing shoes!

and yes, yours truly has achieved her 12 hours nap….

zzzzz. damn shiok. considering the fact that i have been surviving on 4 hours worth of sleep for the past few days.

im suffering.

yes. i am. suffering from withdrawal from dancing. it has been a long time since i went clubbing and danced my heart out. and considering the fact that i have stopped salsa, my legs are itching to start moving again. unfortunately, my legs arent THAT itchy to go running. -_-”

everytime i hear a good r&b/hiphop tune on my ipod, im itching to go dancing and shake my booty.

aye aye. friends, anytime soon? hopefully this weekend infact. 😉

aside from that, i have been wondering about which phone to buy. its a tie between the nokia 6111 or the nokia 7370.

with plan, the nokia 6111 is priced at $268 whereas the nokia 7370 is at $578.

majority of people around me has the nokia 6111 whereas the nokia 7370 is so pweeeeeety! but about 300 buckaroos more!

any suggestions from anyone? anyone has tried these two phones?

and the boss has messaged me to tell me that i was sent flowers! (wheeeeeeee!), which also means i would need to go back to work tomorrow to pick them up or they’ll wither. 🙁

now, put on your dancing shoes and call me for some booty shaking this weekend!

*you must be dancing, yeah….*


tiger said i dont look *cough* sexy *cough* or bitchy but a tad nerdy. booooooo.

3 thoughts on “put on your dancing shoes!”

  1. N6111 seems to have lotsa problems. my colleague’s one just hung yesterday and nothing can be done to revive all the numbers in the phone now. and some other frens also ever mentioned that it hung alot.

    nadnut: oh no! hmmm. perhaps i should get the nokia 7370 instead…


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