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meeting mr nuffnang sg!

remember this?

i was invited by ming to explore his delicious backend. *wriggles eyebrows*

but first! outfit of the day!

new tshirt, jeans, wedges and tmd heavy lappie.

a closer look at my new tee! i love it! tiger hates it though.

it says… keep your ex-boyfriend. hurhurhur.

ok, enough camwhoring. time to get back to topic. i headed down to the nuffnang office in the northeast last wednesday. nannywen kindly picked me up from the train station as bimbo old me will definitely get lost on my way there.

and i finally met ming!

the guy i’ve been bugging on emails everytime. lol!

and he showed me some parts of his backend. i signed a NDA (it should be NAD lor). interesting stuff. MING, ITS NUTNUT not NETNUT. he kept calling me netnut. grr.

me exploring his backend. ming has been a bad boy! tsk tsk!

a proper picture. after all that spanking. 🙂

nannywen. i soooo hate her! so slim, young and pretty! *squeezes* she’s really friendly and fun, cheeky too. i helped her steal ming’s lollipop.

yes, nannywen was sucking on ming’s lollipop. *cough*

ming kindly treated me lunch at tanglin club.

prime rib, medium rare with yorkshire pudding and baked potato. i felt cheated when i ate the yorkshire pudding. its hollow inside! but quite nice la. heh.

the prime rib was absolutely delish. thanks ming!

i really enjoyed myself with them that day but i think ming must have felt quite traumatised after that day after i’ve given him a taste of the infamous nadnut’s fingers. *cough* lol.

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