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Outfit of the day: The bareback dress.

I bought this lovely dress from Bangkok last year at a steal and finally managed to find a good occasion to wear it.

I was at the Omy Singapore Blog Awards and thought to dress up a bit!

Front of dress. Matched with my pretty blue heels from I-dun-remember-where-from, Rainbow necklace from Bkk and Blue striped bag from Bkk too.

First pic is a bit unflattering cause I was slouching. I love the bare back!

Only bad thing was that the dress does not come with pads and I had to go braless. I’m not a fan of the “chicken fillet” as I always feel that it’s gonna drop!

Some other pictures taken that day. Pics credits to Raine, Jayden and myself!

I look angry in this one!

Jayden had won best dressed! He won himself a stay in Sugar Palm Grand Hillside hotel in Phuket! (coincidentally, there’s where ching chong boy and I stayed when we went Phuket!)

I love bareback dresses! Contemplating on wearing one on Ching Chong Boy’s bday! Or should I wear a toga… Hmmmmm.

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