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that thing about the cute little doggy!

on the third day of cny, i went to ‘bai nian’ at some of my clique’s place and went to ‘lao yu sheng’…


some pics of the yusheng!

the b4 pic

all was calm…. till…


we started to ‘lao yusheng!’…. yusheng was flying EVERYWHERE!


the end result….

me cropped jacket!

i <3 my cropped jacket!

jack's doggy!

pics of jack’s uber cute but fierce maltese! i wanna keep a doggy instead! soooo cute!

5 thoughts on “that thing about the cute little doggy!”

  1. Hi Nadia, mind me asking.. where ya get that white jacket from? Design’s unique… =)

    nadnut: hi regine, u can try far east plaza. 😉


  2. Hur. You know that time we lao yu sheng in school, we had 2 sets – one for mad throwing and one for mild throwing. Haha. So, it’s quite a messy affair.

    nadnut: hahaha. yeah! its fun but messy!


  3. Why are you showing off your boobs now?

    nadnut: mind your words. i am showing off my JACKET. and if i wanted to show off my boobs, i’ll wear a low cut top instead right? -__-


  4. i oways tot that dogs are better than cats… 😛

    ps. MG, i tot she’s showing her tummy. hehehe…

    nadnut: hmmm. cats and dogs are equally cute. hahaha. i wanna have a puppy AND a kitten! 😉

    not show off tummy lah. (tummy so fat! -__-) show off my fave mini jacket!


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