the date with bachelor b.

yes. yesterday was supposed to be my date with bachelor b to starlight cinema.

however due to a few factors such as the crowd and lightning (i have an immense fear for lightning), it did not happen. instead we went to wala wala with the usual gang and i treated him to some beer which i have forgotten its name.

bah. am immensely disappointed. i wanted to watch ‘a lot like love’ badly. oh well. gonna buy the dvd i guess.

and remember the fella whom i took the red bull challenge with? who threw a perfectly good can of red bull away? i tried smoking yesterday and i had the satisfaction of blowing smoke in his face. HAH! tit for tat.

its interesting. all the smokers tried to stop me from smoking. ironic. they themselves smoke. hmmmm. anyway i got a cigg burn as a result. oh well. the only addiction i’ll have is red bull, not smoking la.

oh yah. 10 effing days to go till i taste red bull. suffering from withdrawal symptoms. waiting for cow to come back to singapore with my thailand super strong version of red bull. =X

anyway… i think i have been talking about starlight cinema too much in the bar/or my blog cause… now i have 6 free tickets to starlight cinema. (thanks to friends for the 4 tickets and thanks to starlight for giving me 2 free tickets!)

2 to be used anyday.

4 to be used only on fridays or saturdays.

anyone wanna watch any shows on fridays or saturdays with an alien?

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