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Makan at Barracks, Dempsey.

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Remember I mentioned about the mysterious makan sessions that I started? Soon, it wwas Fidel’s turn to organise!

Her choice was Barracks at Dempsey!

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I arrived late because poor ching chong boy got delayed by work. (Somehow both of us always damn suay. We always get delayed by our work somehow or rather whenever we have gatherings. hurhur)

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The rest had ordered some starters to share first.

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Honestly I couldn’t tell the difference between the truffle fries and normal fries. There wasn’t anything outstanding or different to me.

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The super duper long sausage that sparked a lot of naughty jokes from both the ladies and guys. :p

The tuna salad was very yummy. Would definitely order this again!

I ordered the crayfish pasta.

It was really yummy however the portion was just way too huge for me! Probably suitable if it was for sharing. I could only finish like 1/3 of it!

The bf had the steak. It was quite good!

Some pics of the restaurant..

We were seated under a huge table. How cute!

The boy’s toilet sign. Hurhur

The ladies…

Honestly, overall, I did find the place a bit pricey. I would come back for snacks, light bites and  drinks but maybe not mains. Maybe I made the wrong choice of mains? Would still give it another shot though! 🙂

My outfit of the day!

Mint green dress, bag and gagaish jacket from TheBlogShop, stockings from Amk Hub and shoes from FEP.

Some pics of us!

With Jacelyn, who looks fab in her curls!

Mesmerized by Fidel‘s awesome top. :X

With Esther!

Silly ching chong boy kept hiding behind me when taking pictures because he had a massive pimple on his face. -_____-

Group pic! 🙂

I need to organise the next one! Anyone has any suggestions for interesting cafes/places to eat?

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