Would You Rather? – Durian or Choc

This week’s Would You Rather? is a foodie question by Leonard! You know how there’s so many different kind of food now? Everyone is experimenting on different flavours on different food.

Would You Rather? eat….

1) Durian crabs?


2) Chocolate crabs?

Eck, thinking of them is enough to kill my appetite.

Choose one and explain why!

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11 thoughts on “Would You Rather? – Durian or Choc”

  1. well, that’s pretty simple. i’d take chocolate over anything, and since the other option is durian (which i do not eat – more due to an allergy to the fruit than anything else) it makes it even easier to choose chocolate.

    actually i don’t think it would be that bad because crab meat by itself doesn’t really taste of anything (try steamed crabs). adding chocolate is a little odd since we always eat crab with chilli, pepper or something savoury, but hey. chocolate goes with ANYTHING. haha.


  2. starm|st: u hate durians?!

    Daphne Maia: oh my. allergy! that’s horrible. do you some people eat chocolate steak. eck!

    Leonard: alrighty! looking forward to see your entry!


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