the ahlian strikes back!

oh no… i have turned into an ah-lian. i went to highlight my hair on thursday and it came out sooooo wrong! totally not the desired effect i was looking for…

a last look at my old hair. *sobs*

before pic

the highlights are supposed to be whitish blonde not gold kim kim blonde and the highlights are too close to each other. and i paid more than 200 buckaroos for this. -_-”

i think reds cheat people!!!!!! they charge a different price for highlighting, wash and blowdry and cutting.

so when i was enquiring the rates for the highlight services, the lady quoted me a certain amount which seemed rather affordable. however, laoniang has already read some forums and checked out feedback and i remembered one post regarding hidden costs.

so i asked the lady at the counter.. “does the rate include wash and blowdry?”.

-____-” nope. its a different rate. AIYOH! HIDDEN COSTS! just add them all in together lah! tmd. i chose a stylist and made an appointment with her. HOWEVER!!!! its another person who coloured my hair. basically the stylist just asks a few questions and pass over to this chinese speaking JUNIOR helper to highlight my hair. doh.

why do i even bother making an appointment with her. basically the helper wash, blowdry and highlighted my hair and the stylist just trims my hair.

oh btw, hair cut is a different cost altogether. -_-” and the stupid counter girl keyed in the wrong amount and had to void my visa bill. which means more than 200 bucks is being stuck in nowhere, somewhere and i dunno where zone now.

after pic

believe me, my highlights are much brighter than that. what if i go on the streets and those ahlian start staring at me how? tmd. better carry my orange pointed comb just incase. anything can stab them. muahaahahahahaa

lets hope, it wont be so ah-lianish in a few days time. my boss got a fright when she saw me today. oh well.

b4 & after

good news though, i caught up on my much needed sleep today. and tmd kein called me a pig. u stalker u!

yes, as you can see this is a nonsensical post. muahahahaa. i’m back! :P. and no. this is not an april fool’s joke. ROAR!


  1. Hey, I’m not about being patronizing but I really think the new look is great! Maybe it takes some time to get used to πŸ™‚

    nadnut: lol. when my fave army cutie says that, it has to be true! πŸ™‚


  2. 0.o

    all you need is to wear some skimpy clothes (along with the orange pointed comb), preferably all black or all white, and you are all set as an ah-lian. πŸ˜€

    it doesn’t look too bad, actually. Reds prob overcharges everything and undercharges on service. :p

    nadnut: bleah! >.<


  3. i knew u r ah lian!!!

    u look great with this “ah lian” look

    nadnut: i’m no ah lian! *innocent look*… u see on friday! how damaged my hair looks! tmd.


  4. hey ur new color darn nice!

    darn……..i think i can forsake of keepin it black no more!

    nadnut: not nice! i look like an ah-lian!


  5. ur hairstyle is very long & elegant that will keep you look so lovely & nice. πŸ˜‰

    nadnut: thanks!